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Monday, November 29, 2010

AdVerve 56 - Get Whirled.

Play the show now.

Joe Sabia of SF-based Whirled,  of Rockmelt demo vid, zombie speeding and Mad Men cigarette fame, joins us for some good clean all-natural fun. What’s the difference between Vimeo and YouTube? Why plug a manifesto? What makes Tumblr so awesome?

We get to the heart of what makes something catch an audience's eye, why mediocrity might not be so bad ... and why the internet may be the best thing that ever happened to really boring people. Also, Joe busts out the Morse Code chops. It's a riot in dots and dashes.

Dit-dah-dit-dit dit-dit dah-dit dah-dit-dah dit-dit-dit (that’s Morse for “Links”):

- Joe's bio.
- Whirled snaps up generic agency manifestos.
- Keenan Cahill raps with 50 Cent.
- Every cigarette smoked in Mad Men.
- Esquivel shoes.
- Mutiny bikes.

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