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Monday, November 22, 2010

A good Mutiny is hard to find.

I love promo films for small extreme sports brands. Usually, it’s the nature of the category to have a ton of tricks in public places thrown up on YouTube with deathcore soundtrack (or similar). This short by Mutiny Bikes called One Spring Day is one of a few they’ve put out, but is a cut above the typical stuff you see on YouTube. It’s got a lot of the usual bike tricks, sure, but the tilt-shift photography lends a nice toy feel to the story along with simple pans, high camera angles and nice editing throughout. (Canon should just buy Vimeo at this point because it’s true, most of their cameras are the unofficial weapons of choice there.) I also like that their films are warts and all compared to mainstream stuff that fits neatly inside a :30. Which means crashes and face plants are left in. (They’re also on Twitter et al. At this point, what brand isn’t, right?)

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