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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bob Woodward ushers in the age of iPad app.

If there’s a better representation of the divide between old school journalism and *new* media, LET ME KNOW. Ever the bastion of investigative journalism himself, Bob Woodward navigates cubicles and colleagues alike spewing every conceivable talking point about the Washington Post’s new iPad app. Along the way, you get a look at how people consume news now, as well as Bob’s fire to a caveman reaction to it all. It’s equal parts cute and sad. But I’m trying to figure out why Woodward needs to be portrayed as the digital Luddite while everyone including chief Benjamin Bradlee *gets* it. Not every spot needs to have a big idea to it; just show the whole office using it – even Bob – and come off like a news org on the way forward, not out. It’s one of the topics we discuss on the next AdVerve, along with the blurred lines between just what news media is and isn’t anymore. Tune in.


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