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Friday, November 5, 2010

Contextual madness - automotive edition.

I don’t doubt that Gen Y scares a lot of people because they prefer gadgets more than most demos, but the idea from MSNBC that they will leave cars behind? Hmmm. Then the Sync ad that Ford is running next to the article is either brilliant counter-programming or the best example of contextual madness I’ve seen yet. The ad actually shows the driver taking advantage of all the features the rider on the bus at left seems preoccupied with. Except, isn't the argument influenced mostly by location as much as anything? A car-unfriendly city with good public transportation makes it easy to skew the issue and underscore Gen Y’s gadget infatuation. But what about those markets beyond Chicago, New York City or San Francisco with lousy or even no public transportation? Keys, please.

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