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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The family that advertises local business on their clothes together, stay together?

“Would you be interested in doing a story on us? We have been in the media a lot, and we have a lot of plans that are newsworthy. Thanks!”

I get pitches. Man, I get pitches. How can I resist the charm though of a dad looking to provide for his family? The Billboard Family is renting its shirt space out in the latest twist on the I Wear Your (insert product) craze. Basically, the pay model is this: Starting January 1, you pay $2, then a dollar more each day until the end of the year. Which means New Year’s Eve will cost ya. While tempting to dismiss this movement, remember that the I Wear Your T-Shirt guy is now in his second year (with assistants), having sold out his first year and making a nice buck for himself. I’d actually like to see them change their names legally to the billboard family for a lifelong endorsement. Did you know that they’re on The Twitter, The Tumblr and The Facebook? Become a fan? Mister, I already am.

I’m guessing they’re also hoping to one day be on The Oprah too.

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