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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dickies. Real pants for real men.

Rah! Dickies has had a series of short films out that extend the Earn Them campaign from Goodby Silverstein for a little while now, and the brand just came out with another (done by Death+Taxes Magazine). This one involves a stuntman and his air ram. Makes you think about the place this category is at. Levi’s gets crap for coming off too hipsterish, and I even knocked Carhartt for appealing to the demo. Okay, I’m lumping jeans in with non-jeans, but at least all of these brands have origins as authentic American worker apparel. That some of them lean towards a younger demo less concerned about the hard work the brands were known for isn’t the end of the world. The blue collar workforce that bought a brand for its 9-5 durability will still buy. Throwing a scarf around a white tee and pair of skinnies won’t change that. No, instead all you pioneers, direct that anger at the generation of apparel brands that said good-bye to the Great American work ethic when they put their own spin on denim, like Clavin Klein, Diesel or Dolce and Gabbana.


MEJ said...

This is awful to admit but I buy Dickies when every holiday we 'adopt' a family and they ask for work pants. I head to Walmart and get them Dickies. I don't associate Dickies with stuntman more like my furnace man who has no insurance and a daughter who met her boyfriend on the internet who wants to come live with them. (Cuz the guy in the Dickies always wants to talk you about his life.)

Anonymous said...

Goodby didn't do that Dickies spot.

mtlb said...

Thanks anon. Wasn’t sure.