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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not on George Takei’s watch, er, countdown clock.

“Clint McCance needs to be killed by Imperial King Onis...” – moksheebs

Well that might be a bit harsh. It actually contradicts the message in George Takei’s smackdown of disgraced teacher Clint McCance’s incendiary comments. Everyone though seems to love George saying *douchebag* – he could read instructions on how to assemble a grill and people would listen to that voice – but the seriousness of the comments merit something more than the D-bag label. It’s just an odd video. It’s meant to mock and also raise awareness of the issue, but I’m not seeing how those two vibes work together.

Advocating violence or wishing death on someone needs to be played straight. Doesn’t it go without saying that someone wishing suicide on someone else because they’re gay is a D-bag? It’s not enough. (I prefer sick twisted f**k myself.)

His recent commercial work and appearances have him playing the (no pun) straight guy reacting to things with this robotic deadpan delivery. Here, I’m not sure how to take it because he goes from schtick to serious, and the song near the end seems more like something I’d expect from a Jack Black musical. That’s not to make light of the importance of the issue for him. I can only imagine how outraged he is. To see this happen now after surviving the humiliation of an American internment camp as a child, and then go on to become a TV star? You’re among friends George:

“something about George Takei calling someone a douchebag makes me smile, I dont want McCance to kill himself, but I do wish bad things on him, Sorry Takei I'm not as good a person as you.” – TommyBShow


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