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Saturday, November 6, 2010

YOU ARE GETTING SLEEPY – The role of influencers.

Easy, it’s not that kind of influence. Check out R+I Creative’s doc on the role of influencers and the way ideas in pop culture *propagate* among the masses. It’s billed as a look at how trends and creativity become contagious, and it goes beyond the number of followers you have in your online network. One thing that jumps out is the idea of confidence among influencers, that they know what they do will be picked up by others. There’s another aspect of that dynamic employed by brands and many people working in social media, in that, it has less to do with confidence and more to do with being paid to influence, almost forcing it on consumers.  Is it a fine line though – or a blurred one? Jay Z rocks one piece of (insert brand) for money and product moves off shelves just like Shaq could move a lot of soda just for Tweeting™ that he loves Pepsi, or  Mommy Blogger™ saying how much she loves Huggies.

See? Aren’t you feeling influenced already?


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