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Friday, November 26, 2010

Help Joey stop Pets Gone Wild.

Pet abstinence until marriage, ftw. After recently seeing what are arguably the saddest bunch of pet PSAs late one night from American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) – these are similar but not even close for the near-tear factor – I came across another effort of theirs. Help Joey is all about spaying and neutering pets by targeting their animal urges, while also taking a shot at the pledge (item) craze. While the sad angle usually works when pleading the case, it’s nice to see they’re taking more than just a one-dimensional approach compared to some fanatical organizations. The site features a series of moc clips, and while humorous, it should remind people to take care of their pets. (Not to get preachy, but there’s also room for another campaign to raise awareness about thinking long and hard before giving a pet as a Christmas gift.) But this is about Pets Gone Wild, so remember: “My flower is my treasure.” (Catch Joey on The Twitter and The Facebook too.)

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MEJ said...

I'm not hungover anymore. Thought my brain would operate better. But the opening cards made me laugh. As long as I don't have explain it to my kids, it's great. But hell...they had a vibrator commercial during the day on a "regular" cable channel (read what i thought was kid friendly channel.)And if it can stop the cats from doing 'it' maybe it'll help the human race, too.