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Friday, November 26, 2010

EA helps Miami put up a LeBrick.

LIKE THEY NEED THE HELP. This post could’ve also doubled as a contextual madness riff too, because apparently the Heat have trouble... doubling in the post. (See what I did there?) Otherwise, coincidence aside, they say it’s called rich media. Forget doing stupid little banners, do something more with them, like this. To promote the release of NBA Jam, EA Sports is running a site takeover on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas only that includes this nice little word mashage. Forget “IN YOUR FACE!” Instead, drag some words into the box, hit play and watch a section of the game called by Tim Kitzrow. It also lets you save out your choice as a ringtone so you can annoy that Heat fan in your life.LIKE THEY NEED TO BE ANY MORE ANNOYED. But wait, there’s more... stealing a page out of the Old Spice playbook, hit @EASPORTS up on Twitter referencing #boomshakalaka, and they might respond to you with a custom video and/or real type prizes.

(Agency: The Nerdery with Heat.)

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