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Saturday, November 6, 2010

“Malaria, cancer and AIDS walk into a bar...”

Oh, have you heard this one? Malaria No More is the latest cause celebré that takes a humorous approach to the problem of malaria. A range of celebrities discuss their dreams growing up which stand in stark contrast to the ones kids dying from Malaria will never have. It’s not the first cause to use humor. Comic Relief dealt with helping the homeless, even though it was typically: comic came out, did a 5-minute routine then threw an add-on at the end saying something like “Help the homeless and donate.” Here, you still get hit up for a donation, but they’re at least being self-effacing about it. (Text “NET” to 85944 and $10 is donated to provide, well, a net.) Whenever one of these efforts launches though, I ask if we’re all caused out. Is the $10 barrier too high? Would they get better results by lowering it to just $1? WILL A TWITTER OR FACEBOOK SAVE THE CHILDREN? What sayeth you?

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