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Friday, November 26, 2010

No, Thank YOU, General Motors.

Not sure what I think about this spot. Intended to run once on Thanksgiving, I saw it during one of the NFL games and had mixed emotions. Is it overly dramatic? (Cue Dinero: “Little bit, little bit.”) Is it a thanks for investing in their IPO? Is it a thanks for letting them thank America again? I get the idea of getting back up again; the metaphors here couldn’t hit you any harder over the head if they tried. So does this spot feel right... even sincere?


Anonymous said...

kinda hung over from Thanksgiving. Is it a post edit commercial cuz they're trying to save money? It's trying to hit the heart, head & funny bone but it just doesn't. This has potential for spoofs like LeBron James' "what should i do?" spot. ESPN had more heart-tugging pieces on Thanksgiving day.

Anonymous said...

How much did I pay for this commercial? I think I saw another one too. It's obscene that the bailout money that we all essentially coughed up would be used for something like this. It's like a relative buying you a gift with money you loaned them.

MEJ said...

No....why bitch about a company - an American MANUFACTURER that is one of few U.S. giants left making things? Gripe about those banks that still think they've done nothing wrong. Or Wall Street who still are collecting unheard of million plus bonuses?
Creatively, this spot coulda done so much more. Spot looks like the draft they took to client as their storyboard and just didn't make any changes. GM is trying to make amends when they could say "F**k you" like Wall Street pariah.
And please -- you didn't pay for this commercial. You're paying for the bonuses that fund the Sag Harbor house and ski chalet in Austria for the poor Wall Street gang.

MEJ said...

Maybe it's all the turkey and alcohol left in me that's making me rant. I'm a Detroiter. (Burbs, really) G.M. was a bloated dinosaur that saw no reason to change. Why? Life & money was good with status quo. But shit happened and that all changed. G.M. is evolving. Still slow moving but they've got some people in there who are trying to shake it up. Frankly - they could rattle the current lifers that are in G.M. who are just as union as the crew on the line. They need to operate like a hungry small business but knowing they have the security of cash/credit, r&d, free press, etc.
I'm gonna make a turkey sandwhich.

mtlb said...

@MEJ - All tryptorhants welcome.