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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Now the mediocrity can be the message.

With apologies to Mr. McLuhan, one of the things we discuss on the next AdVerve is media experiences among various generations. What DDB Paris and Perfect Fools did here for Bouygues Telecom is to make your Facebook conversation stream a tangible thing, something that transcends the monitor by turning it into book form. Cool and all, but at some point, is this elevating a lot of white noise to a status it doesn’t warrant? Or is social technology finally at a place that products of the past were trying to get to, but never could?

A Canon 5D and Final Cut Pro means anyone can put together some great footage. Blogs allow future writers to hone their craft. Twitter lets the next generation of stand-ups practice their one-liners. Except, not everyone is Scorsese, Hemingway or Chris Rock. This ability now to document life’s minutia down to the second – or pixel – reminds me of having had to sit through an awful lot of vacation pics from friends just back from a cruise.

Is it a bad thing though to let everyone and anyone express themselves using any and all forms of media, even if what they have to say doesn’t matter much?

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