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Friday, November 12, 2010

Overheard internet.

Yep, they said it...

Think you nailed it when you said “This is the sort of work - makes headlines.” -- Not a bad way to get people talking about a brand that has completely dropped off the face of the earth. There’s another little ad agency that uses ideas that make headlines to re-invigorate brands... Have you ever heard of CP+B? ” 

A bit of a stretch, going way beyond the “feet/paws of clay” idiom.

moody tattoo’d hipsters with cool haircuts and who bring their longboards to the office are usually the "Digital Strategic Social Media Mobile Ninja Strategists" in the offices I work at.”

No question this is a publicity stunt to get NYC back into the headlines. The West Coast had the mystery missile and, for several days, the headlines. Now, NYC has to recoup that publicity. “Everything happens HERE, not anywhere else,” is the NY mantra. So they make things up. Disgusting!

Our President was with our troops in Korea today, thanking them for their service, and remembering Korean War vets. THAT IS WHAT HE WAS DOING HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD TODAY. Man, are you all idiots?

Can we call them “Hipster Killers” now instead of “Camel Killers?’
U never heard of me.

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