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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Words, words, words...

You may or my not have heard of *S,C,P,F..., but they’re an agency that’s been around with a website that to my eye at least, flew under the radar of the agency rebranding wars these past few years. While shops like Hal Riney, BooneOakley, Modernista! or Crispin got love for their refreshed looks, I got drawn into what they did here.

You need patience for it. But it’s rewarding in its rewording of the agency approaches you see so much of in typical website redesigns.

Every sentence has purpose and contributes to the whole. It’s a solid execution of form plus function, with links taking you somewhere meaningful. Compare that to the number of sites hosting a literal SEO marketing buzzword orgy. Is it self-serving to not feature your work as they do, and instead make the user *work* for it with this type of navigation?

For some, maybe. It just feels right though. Especially focusing on the relationship aspect of the client-agency equation, not the bits and pieces. After reading the rational behind it, it makes perfect sense as to why you wouldn’t show work that was the result of someone else’s particular challenges. You know, the one that you slaved over for months?

That flies in the face of the usual client expectations, the ones where they need to see samples to know that you’ve *done* it before they have confidence in you.

I don’t think they’re looking for the *usual* clients though.

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