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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Suitsupply - For men who know what they want.

And the room they want it in. That’s about the safest shot you’ll find espousing any sense of gender equality in the NSFW SHAMELESS campaign from Suitsupply in Europe. IMAGES BANNED FROM THE FACEBOOK BUT NOT THE TWITTER! The other reaction? Yawn. So edgy using nekkid women in compromising positions to satisfy the male beast. The imagery is nicely shot by coldly-lit, disconnected HD world of tomorrow, where models shiver on cold counters as men have their way with them shame oozing from his averted gaze? He wants to rescue her but knows he has to live up to the role society has written for him. That, and if he bails, there goes his day rate.)

But since one of advertising’s tried and true principles is about polarizing at all costs, Suitsupply just moved past Men’s Warehouse in terms of attention - for this week at least. PROUD A YA! Cue women’s rights groups up in arms! (There is something sexy about reading their ethics statement over the campaign images in the background.) The brand meanwhile chums the waters with the requisite disclaimer downplaying the sexism slash misogyny in favor of a broader conversation on gender domination:

“It is ridiculous to call these images pornographic; on the contrary, they leave a lot to the imagination. The scenes in the pictures have a strong and intended sexual charge. They are like scenes from a movie. We tend to make up the beginning, the end and the entire context of the movie ourselves. it depends fully on your own projection of your position in the courting game whether or not any male domination or inequality is taking place.”

Translation: Any PR is....


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