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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Patriot App. Aka, there’s a snitch for that.

Thought Steve Jobs was Big Brother? Ha, maybe you were right. Look at Apple carrying this fun little tool! Now with The Patriot App, use your smartphone to turn in that neighbor who just didn’t seem to fit in at summer block parties. You know, the one who kept to himself? You may hate what it stands for, but if there’s a better product name that melds with the app category in general, I haven’t seen it. Supposedly created by former Department of Homeland security people at Citizen Concepts, you can do fun things like text local authorities when you suspect something. (Man, why does the word *citizen* always give me the creeps. Oh yeah, that’s why.) Need a guide for what to do when the Russkies drop the Al Qaida detonates a suitcase at the mall? There’s a paranoia for that.


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