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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

“This is causing so much conversation, we have no intentions of pulling it.”

So says the Assistant Health Commissioner for the HIV/AIDS Bureau behind the commercial that has people squeemish – squeemish I say! (:24 for the graphicnicity!) All that matters is that people talk, right? Who cares if the spot is misguided and ignores non-gay HIV/AIDS victims. PEOPLE ARE TALKING! As usual, that’s the weak argument people fall back on to justify shock and awe. What needs to be addressed is the mindset of the younger generation (regardless of their sexual preference) that HIV is not a death sentence anymore and that it’s okay to get an STD because hey, at least it’s not AIDS! Sorry, but if AIDS or HIV is still very much a global threat, then don’t you have a responsibility to represent all the groups potentially affected? SO SAYS YOUTUBE:

“Hey world! Lets make a PSA video talking about poverty and only show black people! --- That won't be offensive or discriminatory at all!” – HenhousetheRed

Or not:

“Well coming from somebody living with AIDS, I believe this commercial is GREAT, NYC Health is realizing that HIV rates with young men are up, hence only young men in the commercial and yes it is fact that gay men are much more likely to get HIV/AIDS than straight men..Especially here in NYC ,and everything said in that commercial is based on fact. HIV /AIDS does cause effects on the body regardless of medications. The ad gets the a point across, Its never just HIV there is no cure for AIDS.” – NYC212010

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