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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy 10th Google AdWords

If they wanted heartfelt, just cut to the end and the group “Thank You!”  Google created personalized response for its AdWords customers as a thanks. Nice intent. The cgi is solid here, and I always love engineers gone wrong themes, but I also wondered as I watched why Google felt the need to resort to almost Bud Lite-like stunts. (These feel more real, if a little forced.) The combo of actor and actual Google employee (Sr. VP Susan Wojcicki) feels like a disconnect from the more genuine story theme they’d started and were evolving. Those are the finishing touches Apple understands throughout all their product lines. Why not instead something that speaks to the broader experience they’ve created for people with AdWords and search? *sigh* To have that production budget though - I am jealous.

(Crafted by: rehabstudio for AKQA.)

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