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Friday, December 10, 2010

Too late for MySpace?

Yes, welcome to your near-daily dose of Rhetorical 101. Yes too, I still have an account there – dormant as it is. But hey, I CAN’T LET GO. What jumped out though after getting this email from them – besides seeing The Black Eyed Peas in another promo – is why the hell did MySpace wait so long to exploit the band community there? YouTube has bands, but it’s less of a closed community the way MySpace was/is. Forget Facebook and how it completely ignored music adoption early in its life. MS though seemed like music and band promotion was the one thing that was going to make them stand out. As things went though, it seemed one of their biggest mistakes was a lack of integration with the record industry, instead preferring to integrate grassroots bands nobody heard of – with Amazon. So now there’s Fergie, pimping things out as a new makeover can’t prevent a possible sale.

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