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Friday, February 4, 2011

Life after sanity.

“I thought you may be interested in learning more about a campaign for the Toyota Prius called, ‘Life After Santa.’

‘Life After Santa’ is a creative marketing program being conducted by Greater New York Toyota Dealers Association to generate consumer awareness of the Toyota Prius, and to support local job training and career development programs that are helping New Yorkers during these difficult economic times. The program leverages real-life interactions with the public, online video, blogs, websites and social media to tell the reindeers’ stories and create word-of-mouth excitement about the Prius, which has delivered superior fuel economy and ultra-low emissions to more than one million owners worldwide for more than 10 years.

You can check out the videos here:

Please contact me if I can provide any more information.”

These spots do all that? Maybe they caught me on an off day, but I now want to punch a reindeer.

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