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Thursday, February 3, 2011

They call it a rebrand.

Via, looks like short of a logo change, Denny’s is taking its cues from Subway by hitting the price angle hard as part of a rebrand. Cute campaign and all, but for the record people, I have never ordered ANYTHING in a restaurant by price, you? Part of the reason I go to Denny’s is because I already know imma get a lot for the money. Isn’t that like going to Walmart and wondering if I’ll be able to get anything for $4.88? I THINK YOU CAN. The nostalgia angle is tapped hard in as much as old school manners go, when waitresses new your name nicname. ‘America’s diner is always open’ isn’t a bad tag, but then, what does that make IHOP? I’m currently in the land of “Hun/Hon,” (and not a pluralism for raiding hordes either), and IHOP is my 24/7 omelette-burger connection, served with a smile and a dollop of “Bless your heart!”

(Agency: Gotham.)

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