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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Road Trips are the new...

Even though I don’t promote Super Bowl hype, Chrysler’s Game On Road Trip sneaks in though. Emulating aspects of Ford’s Fiesta Project, and GM’s hit the road social media project – itself an homage to the Humongo Nation Tour – Chrysler’s twist on the genre is to have auto bloggers take the new 200 and get to Dallas for the Big Game – THEY CALL IT THE SUPER BOWL YOU KNOW. I like using everyday people slash influencers to get the word out abut a product, but honestly, who wouldn’t want to drive a new car for a major brand. That’s not a knock per se, but I bet most if not all of the bloggers in this would do it if a Hyundai asked them. (Check out more vids here.) While I know it’s early in the run for many of these clips, the number of views I’m seeing is extremely low. Efforts like this need serious support from other media, otherwise, I don’t see how the cost to produce it all can be justified. It’d be nice to leverage the 800 lb. gorilla in the room more too: football and the playoffs. I understand NFL licensing rights are costly, but the sport is practically an afterthought here with influencers taking center stage and mostly talking about cars.

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