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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Spammies.

Forget the Grammys, we need an award show for internet noise. And they said good spam is hard to find. Danielle crafts it! For a recent Super Bowl blog post here, she attempted to work in a personal story with product attributes. Junior writers, take note:

I love taking road trips especially with my three best friends, it's always a guaranteed good time and memories to last a lifetime. Since technology has changed, road-tripping has become so much more convenient. No more getting lost in the boondocks and forget about going east instead of west. Sometimes while driving, I wake up to find that we are still on the freeway in an undisclosed location at 2am in the morning but instead of being a tad bit bored with the landscape, I pull out my iPad and use my DISH Remote Access app that allows me to watch live or pre-recorded shows that are on my DVR. It's great, I don't have to wake up my friends and I just plug in my headphones and keep the volume to a minimum and I catch up on my favorite shows like CSI or Criminal Minds and it's wonderful. I highly recommend that people come and explore the endless possibilities with DISH Network and experience the countless values that DISH offers!


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