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Friday, June 3, 2011

Mt. Donuts.

So I’m visiting old haunts yesterday on business and grabbed a drink at Dunkin Donuts, then saw the Mt. Dew pairing slash partnership slash cross-pollinated brand intregational opportunity they’re currently pushing. Two three four things about DD lately.

First. Shoulda called it the Dewlatta. (Thanks, here all week.)

Second. Remember when Dunkin *just* sold coffee and plain donuts? Yeah, I’ve bitched on this before but it came to the surface again seeing the 7-Eleven slurpee-like promo. DUNKIN USED TO BE OLD GUYS SMOKING AND DRINKING A CUP OF JOE AFTER THEIR AA MEETING. I kid, sorta, but not really. I’m sure the brand is high-fiving each other over the new MT. Dew thing, but this just leaves more room for a new chain to JUST SELL COFFEE AND DONUTS. FF >> “I’ll take a vanilla chai... no sir, all we have is coffee and donuts.”

Three. Their rebrand using the large graphic Double Ds on the outside of their stores in select areas. I don’t mind this.

Four. America runs on Dunkin? Eh, not really. Not until I see them everywhere. I GOT ONE DOWN HERE WITH ME Y’ALL. (And it’s 25 mins away.)

Please continue amongst yourselves.

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Anonymous said...

First, there’s an entire line of Coolattas with different “partners” – so the Dewlatta idea won’t fly ( Plus, the copyright police would never permit such a violation of the Dew name.

Second, Dunkin’ stopped making its main profit from donuts long ago. They are in the coffee/soft drink business now. Hell, the ungodly breakfast sandwiches are probably doing better business than the Munchkins.

Third, if they complement the signage with large Double Ds working the registers, I’m there.

Fourth, regular Dunkin’ customers don’t run at all. Unless “runs” refers to the effects of Dunkin’ products on customers’ bowel movements.