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Friday, June 3, 2011

Not if they were free.

Would I wear these. Now that I’m in the land of golf courses and 30 mph speed limits, this spot has been running a lot lately. HOW DO YOU WEAR THESE FOSTER GRANT LIGHTSPECS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE? Imagine your blind date wearing these at dinner. The HELL?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be less ridiculous to simply carry a penlight in your purse? I think if you're going to do something stupid like this, you should push it into the more stupid direction. For example, design it to look like the visor from Cyclops in the X-Men. Then people will actually think you're cutting edge/cool versus stupid.

Anonymous said...

But anonymous, if he had to rely on a penlight, that guy in the spot wouldn't be able to build Kate's dream house! Can't you see? HE NEEDS BOTH HANDS FOR HIS IMPORTANT WORK!!!!

Why do you hate Kate and her dream house?

Hootie from the Swamp said...

These are funny. Aren't they the glasses you would redeem the bazooka comics for from the back pages of an Archie Comic?

fairuse said...

Think of those glasses as number 2 spectacles with light. How many headband lamps, clips on hat flashlight and the popular mini maglight held in teeth situations do you get in? It doesn't matter because it is always night when something needs fixing.

The glasses are not a fashion statement as much as they are tool kit item. I am not fond of the price, picky me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2,

I'm actually confused. The guy building the dream house passed by so quickly, I didn't catch him on the first view. Why the hell would this guy need the specs? Couldn't he simply build the dream house in, say, a well-lit workspace?

Plus, you know the guy whose date wants lobster not liver is wondering if she's gonna wear the specs when he's banging her as compensation for the expensive meal.