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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Secondhand promotions can cause birth defects.

The examples of not just anti-smoking campaigns but campaigns in general that miss the opportunity to do more with their message outweigh the ones that do. (In this regard, Truth did it right.) In a current spot for Austin’s war on secondhandsmoke, there’s a large tanker truck rolling through the commercial that startles you, but why not have that truck go through Austin during the busiest part of the day and film real, unstaged reactions? Throw a url on it for people to activate in some fashion too. Their Ashtrayler is wordplay gone mobile, so why not park a real one everywhere and have people leave their sticker on it? (Budget’s are always tight but including a url to the site you spent a lot on doesn’t cost anything.) Repping the current trend, social’s in this zone where agencies get the message out across the usual social nets, but the experience path of how it all ties together seems to get short shrift. Too often it just ends up reinforcing the build it and they will come mindset that brochureware brands had when it came to their first website, in that because I’m on Twitter, the message gets through. Not no more, though. You need to actively work at promoting it holistically.

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