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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Secondhand pandas.

“I would love to know the precise number of people they reached, instead of the approximately 285,142.” - MarkoStojanovic

Said one comment to this campaign for the WWF from Hungary. I love the simplicity of the Panda 1 > passersby > Panda 2 > repeat, but hate the over the top backing track and pseudo-Euro voiceover. (We need a campaign to stop that in case studies.) More than that, I myself/me/too question the numbers reached. Can we please stop with the questionable math when it comes to impressions generated from a campaign? It’s this kind of thing that brand people focused on ROI have a legit beef with. The same brand people your quasi-digi-social agency makes fun of behind their back for not getting social. Now, for real Pandas you can believe in? Jackass says GO PANDA OR GO HOME.

(Agency: Akcio360.)

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