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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Use of cell phones while reading this blog is not permitted.

I OWE YOU BLOG STUFF, I KNOW. Sokay, I gave in and paid $10 for a movie this weekend. Best part of Captain America? SAM JACKSON IN 3D! How come the Coen Bros. never do one in this amazing technology? (C’mon, No Country For Old Men and the air bolt killer thingy coming out at you? That’s movie fun, friendo.) One of the things that was different tonight was a new sign above telling people no cell phones et al. (basically anything that lights up). I semi-sorta appreciate a theatre that tries to cut down on distracting bursts of light during a movie, akin to our friends in Texas. But the fail award goes to Sprint, which ran three separate trailers each prompting users to text something. DID I SAY FAIL, because it was. As for 3D, I can seriously take it or leave it. It was basically used more for enhancing the depth of field than projectiles dramatically shooting out at you. I’d like to see Sam in 3D in an over the top 70sploitation film though. Quentin, get on that bitch.

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