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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Geico cavemen meet the OC.

They’re back, drama and all.

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RFB said...

They lost me on this one. As Mrs Jetpacks noted, They need to interact with non-Cave sorts in order for it to be funny. Touchy feely cavemen isn't what made this thing.

Anonymous said...

They're supposed to be upset with the tagline of Geico's -- what does this add? It's empty and senseless and easily the worst-effort of the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Jetpack, there are no cavemen. This ad is a 30 second version of what "O.C." would be like if you used cavemen, monkeys or overblown drag queens in the role of over angst 20-somethings.

Anonymous. The friend of the anti-caveman has dissed his freinds cause (his fight against Geico) so he can buy cheaper insurance. The caveman can't even win at home.

It's sarcasim. This is funny!