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Monday, September 17, 2007

TICK. Please. TICK. Stop. TICK. Global. TICK. Warming. TICK.

Much as I like global warnings about global warming, can kids stop being used for every cause under the sun? It’s too easy a button to push. Especially ones who will annoy you into changing the channel. Even though the Train spot is more startling, is it enough to get me to do something, especially with Leonardo and Al on my case? And why are gradual problems always depicted with executions showing immediate consequences? Unless all parents die tomorrow, they’ll still be living in the same world their kids are for quite some time, suffering the same consequences of warming, no? And why do I ask so many questions in a row? If you have answers, please tell me.



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Irene Done said...

I'm just tired of the BP woman who think there's a whole, uh, palette of things people will need to do. God! Who is she? How does she know?

Or do these spots run only on Bloomberg TV?