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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Because realtors have, you know, ethics.

Okay, watching this makes me want to hit something. Hopefully any brand thinking about a YouTube contest will see this and take heed. Proving once again that you can throw any amount of money at YouTube Nation to get them to vote on stuff, Century 21 tries its hand at the contest thing. (After all the home improvement shows that have come out, why would you not run this contest when they first came out?) Anyway, enter now! Except, if you live in one of several states where it’s void. Oh, and forget it unless your house is listed with them. Wait, not so fast, did I mention you also have to have the listing agent in the video with you? I just did. (And unless she’s this good on camera, forget it.) Otherwise, have at it rock star realtors!

(And because YT contests are spawning 24/7 and eating up space, I am no longer listing them. For previous ones, just click the label below—if you dare.)


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