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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Now you can at least look like a Mad Man.

You may have seen this mentioned in Stuart Elliot’s column a few weeks ago, but I just got this timely PR release about it today. (Man, PR never takes a break, huh!) Anyway, to celebrate the hoopla surrounding Mad Men and the premiere of season two, Michael Kors announced a fall line of clothes based on the show.1(More from the collection here.) To support this wonderful endeavour that pays homage to America’s glorious, racist, misogynistic and smoking2 past, he’s also giving away a DVD of the first season for purchases over $350. (Bet a tie purchase alone qualifies you.) Don’t forget to top off that dashing look3 with a custom Zippo lighter too!4

1Subservient dame and elevator operators not included.
2Somewhere, a bitter Philip Morris marketing director waits alone by the phone for a call from JWT that will never come. “But, but, it was our product ... and the agency wants to take credit without including US?” Yep. Sucks, huh.
3Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I rock ironic t-shirt and Chucks, sometimes if a client comes in, I’ll go with untucked shirt below sweater with dark jeans, is Michael Kors’ Mad Men right for me?” Yes creative, it is.
4Microsoft Office wanted to do something but were nixed by show producers who felt the Smith Corona technology already on display was actually more advanced than the latest XP release.


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