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Friday, July 25, 2008

Uke-abilly, Cuervo and a lot of mountains.

From Yreka to Uke-abilly, we cover it all for you people. Which pretty much describes the day in pictures now up on Flickr. What’s better than shooting cornfields in California? A Cuervo lantern chandelier? A manager of a Mobil Mart outside San Francisco telling us about the knee she once found in the restroom? Those are good or sure, but having a Uke-abilly band from North Carolina come up to the van at a rest stop for an impromptu interview is up there.



Anonymous said...

I dunno, Bill... I think I'd like to hear more about the "found knee".

Anonymous said...

Sadly, she could not tell me more of the story—she had to turn to tell a customer where he could find a casino in the area.