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Friday, April 17, 2009

But wait, there’s more.

Never open umbrellas inside, unless they're this funky.
It is if you don’t pin all your hopes on it. (Via The King.)
Your Freudian slip is showing on Twitter.
Don’t let the little head overrule the... thyroid.
Keep on bloggin’ in the free world.
Best parents ever? Sure.
By all means though, give GM more.
The mirror test.
Welcome to the inhuman network.
Oregon needs more elevators.
Respecting the van.
The world according to Google.
Domino’s social media problem? Nah. It’s an HR deal.
Tweet freaks rejoice. You’ve got a home.
Let’s temporarily avoid each other’s blogs.
Culture shocking.
Lost in over America.
Someone’s gotta do it.

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