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Friday, April 17, 2009

No, let’s take a sec and focus. Maybe he just needs better copy.

Irony so thick you can cut it with a fork, but please, use a spoon so as not to miss every savory drop. Who said open, honest discourse was dead. TeaBaggers Unite!

1) Stand Idle while some Kenyan tries to destroy America. Pretty sure he’s getting help, but wouldn’t that be Kenyan-American?

2) Wap — The extermination of ordinary citizens by The Man™ or really big fucking leaves.

3) Homey Don’t play dat!!! Well, of course not. Who does anymore. I think it went the way of laser discs, no? OH. THAT dat. *slaps head* Yeah, well, always good to appropriate the urbanics of the nearest Kenyan-American you hate.


Andy Jukes said...

Most of these folks don’t seem to grasp that Obama is smarter than they are and has the university degrees to prove it. That’s why he’s the top dog and you aren’t, folks! That’s why he’s laying down policy and you aren’t, thank god.

HighJive said...

Wow. The reference deserves a stroll down memory lane.

Teenie said...

Ah, America, land of the all-white non-immigrants. Oh, wait...