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Monday, May 25, 2009

Interventions are SO haut.

What was I saying about me-too? Oh yeah. Let’s see, what other frailties of human nature can we mangle with wordplay? Bahamavention? Nah, already did that! A real series called Intervention? Nah. Too graphic! Ewww! Wait, what, they didn’t even attempt clever wordplay, instead marrying shopping with every intervention cliché known? That’s haut.

Interventions don’t work unless the change comes from within! Tracy’s gotta want to turn in that Visa—herself. “WE LOVE YOU TRACY—WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!” Will it be easy? No. The statistics are against her as she’ll likely go on a bender inside six months and be right back there eyeing a brown Coach clutch. The ultimate irony? Well, if BMI is indication, girlfriend on the left is going to need and intervention of her own to help keep lunch down. (Look, she’s so hungry she ate the url right out of the spot.) The other two-thirds of RHI*? Headed for divorce.

Shop on!

*Real Housewives of Intervention

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