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Monday, May 25, 2009

“It’s like getting a double but only paying to get to first base.”


Time for bad sports/sex metaphors. What else can you do when your husband CAN’T SEE THE GAME. This Luna flooring spot was supposedly banned, although it couldn’t be for what she’s wearing. (Is it the writing? SCORE!) But in Ad Blog Land, all banned ads live on. Hey, who wants to rework the dialog? I do, I do!

Husband:“Just let me know when Luna gets here.”

Wife: “They’re already here. I’m actually taking care of the installer upstairs. He said if I did him and his assistant, the second room would be free.”

Husband: “Sweet!”

Or perhaps bad Tom Petty riffs are your thing? But wait, there’s more: Maybe precocious kids and discount pricing are your thing. Luna? We salute you.

(Tip, Highjive.)

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