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Friday, May 22, 2009

Now playing in a PA near you.

Speaking of tourism. (Was I?) Oh yeah! Pennsylvania has a different campaign out which I saw a poster for on the train. Pseudo-extended branded content webisode series thing. It’s an interesting take on the usual tourist work. Check it out here. Peter Arthur is this character you follow through various parts of the state in search of a waitress he once knew. For the record, I have not fallen in love with random waitresses while traveling through PA. (Not, that it couldn’t happen, just saying.) Like the recent Texas tourism work, they stayed local and took someone from PA to create the music. You can download the songs here.

One thing that was odd though which I’ve never seen before. Pretty sure the agency was Red Tettemer because, duh, they’d worked the name into the poster credits at the bottom. (Crappy shot, don’t say a word. First row, first name.) Which brings up another topic: Should agencies have their name on stuff. (Another topic for another post.)

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