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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ford Fiesta. Yeah, no, they exist.

The new Fiesta spots are here, the new Fiesta spots are here! Except, that people already knew about the vehicle thanks to Ford’s social efforts with the Ford Fiesta Movement. (Unless you were on vaca with Coco this winter, that was the campaign over the past few months that paved the way among an early-adopting social networking demo.) As for this new campaign, since they didn’t take government money, it doesn’t matter what Ford puts out there, they’re golden it feels like part Honda cog, part VW and part wtf.

It’s definitely a different look for a Ford vehicle compared to their traditional stuff. Don’t try the PK at home kids but you can say hello to 40 mpg though! Cue jangly track by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, and um, Janglin’. (Two other spots out Ellie and Alex hit their Hispanic demo and have a different vibe. For more on Ford’s social push, check out last week’s AdVerve with Scott Monty.)

They’re also splitting up the campaign online and running webisodes that go head to head with a Yaris and a Fit touting the key FOB feature. Comes in handy against zombies apparently:

Whereas I hated their previous attempt at the web series thing, this one feels like they got it right. As for 40 mpg and under $14K? Zombies or not, they’ll probably sell a bunch of these.

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