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Thursday, October 22, 2009

AdVerve - Episode 2

We’re on iTunes now. Subscribe here. (The show will be searchable there in 1-2 days, but otherwise, it’s live now.)

Episode two covers a lot of ground and is different than the first one on race, for sure. You can also download the latest episode directly here. Topics include:

00:04 – Off-limits.
05:20 – Approach to the show.
13:30 – 10 for 10.
42:22 – Keeping PR away from social media.
49:45 – Smaller agencies want a bigger piece.
54:09 – That’s a wrap.

We also manage to work in French porn and Godzilla.

Next up is a blog to house it all. I burned too much time with Tumblr, Posterous and Mevio last night just to discover that a blog will probably end up being the best solution. (Tumblr doesn’t allow comments. I’m not gonna email the show files to myself from Posterous, and Mevio, while cool, has way too much other shit.)

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Thinking In Vain said...

YAY! Downloading now. :)