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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coke introduces mini-Me.

In an attempt to help America’s full-on obesity epidemic, Coke will be rolling out 90 calorie versions of its flagship brand alongside their existing sizes. (Yeah, I bet Walmart will be ALL over that shit.) Face it, calorie control means nothing to certain people. That’s like trying to curb smoking by making smaller cigarettes. Even though many soda brands already had smaller cans for years, Coke will likely get kudos from some group or another for appearing to address a problem they’re a part of contributing to.



Anonymous said...

And for the benefit of NOT over-indulging, Coke will happily charge more for the smaller size. They're doing us a favor, after all, since we can't seem to control our own impulses. What the hell is wrong with people, anyway??

Frank said...

Yeah - and how long before the 12-oz can disappears altogether, then the pricing of the small one rise?