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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey, I know, let’s fix the NFL.

Watching the Jets-Dolphins Monday Night, here are five fixes for my favorite brand:

1) Everything needs to be reviewable. You still get x-mount of challenges to control how long the game runs, but allowing some plays to be reviewed and not others is just insane. Especially pass interference. Braylon Edwards had a call go his way late inside Miami’s 5-yard line that should’ve been a non-call, but because interference isn’t reviewable, it couldn’t be overturned. Ironically, a ref call interference, they huddle, and the flag is picked up when it’s decided there was no foul. Basically, the NFL is okay with getting half the calls right.

2) Down by contact. Aka, the inadvertent whistle. This isn’t just last night, but in general. Plays ruled down are not reviewable, even when the ref made a mistake. Why? It’s his fault. Who cares if it’s whistled down, fix the call.

3) Goal line cameras. Braylon Edwards also got robbed on a spectacular catch earlier. A replay from an odd angle and behind the play was determined the call. Behind? But it’s not the first time. There are way too many close plays on the goal line where having a fixed-position camera aimed straight across would make the difference. The angle in the image above is typically what refs rely on when determining if a player scored or not. (Funny, track and field or horseracing figured the photo finish angle out a long time ago but the NFL stil has toruble with it.)

4) Lose the sideline reporters. They add nothing to the game except a bunch of uncomfortable questions at the wrong time. The only time I’ve seen a sideline reporter work is with Tony Siragusa on Fox doing limited play-by-play standing just outside the endzone.

5) Throwback uniforms. Either all teams wear them the same week or not.

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Jetpacks said...

I'd like to add: Ban the little Nike elbow bands that serve no purpose other than being another place to stick a swoosh.

And sudden death overtime is unfair. You play hard to a tie for 60 minutes and then have your fate decided on a coin toss?

I've got a hundred more, but most involve punishing stupid players that I hate and rewarding genius players that I like. And putting Bill Belichick in a prison. With a camera crew.