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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wendy’s is now waaaay better than real.

New work out for Wendy’s, and while its real-time site has waaaay better social networking integration than McDonald’s or BK, the message has the same watered-down feel of the previous one: You know when it’s real still beats around the bush. It’s a safe line and all, and the food porn box is definitely checked in several of the spots, but like I said before, just come out and say it: We make better burgers. Period. Done. The ones who really have the say—the franchise owners—will appreciate a direct approach like that even though it’s clear they had their mitts all over this new work. (This is basically “waaay better” with stunts.) And trying to come off as if the food is served perfectly, hmm. Crispy bacon? Steaming burger? Really? All fast “casual” restaurants have no right to that claim, with the possible exception of Subway where in my experience, the food actually looks like the pictures. I’ve seen just as much wilted food at Wendy’s though as I have anywhere. Not much more to say than that.


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Sully said...

great post. ray kroc himself said that he is not in the hamburger business - he is in the real estate business.

so play off of that and say that you have the best burger around. challenge the competition head on.

i want a spicy chicken sandwich right now.