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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daryl Johnson for Who?

Never heard of either? You will, they hope. They being Liberty Tax. ( is their online offshoot.) They roll the dice and go with a Pro an everyday Joe named Daryl Johnson to rep their brand across all media: Twitter. Facebook. His own videos like the one above. The first digital Twitter outdoor with live updates where people can show love by honking—or stop by the side of the road for tax tips. The latter *may* be something I won’t be doing. And of course there’s TV as well.

If this fails? Won’t be because they didn’t put money behind it, that’s for sure. I like too that he and the brand show some attitude in the clip above by throwing a little “Wtf?” life into things. (What else would you expect from a company that has women on the streets in Statue of Liberty costumes?) Word of advice Darryl, yes, Twitter involves a little work. Best not to let it go longer than 24 hours without an update though. That’s sorta like being late with your taxes. (Look at me... with tax humor, and jokes!)

(Agency, Madison+Main.)

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