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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Link madness.

The net is either stuff you came up with or stuff you found somewhere that someone else came up with. Hopefully you’ve found enough of both here. Here endeth the lesson. So, because someone asked me where I get stuff and since I didn’t plan on a year-end post, I figured I’d call out a few blogs where I’ve been finding *other people’s stuff* this past year:

- In German, the wtfedness of Nerdcore transcends language.

- Where high gets low? At the Charles Bukowski of art blogs C-Monster. I don’t sleep and I still don’t know how that blog gets half the finds it does, as frequently as it does either.

- Dumb as a blog, because people are really that stupid.

- Cool, great package designs at box vox.

- All things reality show at reality blurred.

- Pop Candy is all things pop culture.

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