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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just another boring site.

And that’s okay. Give love to the small and mid shops. A lot of what goes into the blog here covers local and unsung work. Maybe you don’t always work on Clio-worthy stuff, and maybe your day to day projects are more straight-forward compared to what the majority of large shops deal with.

Nothing wrong with that.

Recently though, a site for a brand done by a shop you probably never heard of it made its way around the ad blog PR fax machine cycle. From what I can tell however, it died hard in terms of coverage, save for industry coverage. It isn’t sexy per se, and it didn’t cause controversy because two guys in it kissed, it’s just a nice redesign with a look behind the scenes.

The agency, Paramore|Redd, shares the process they used along the way for Back Yard Burgers. (Looking at the before, it definitely needed it.) It’s what so many shops go through with clients on jobs like this, and it’s nice to see a simple project done well with a little behind the scenes info.

Not to downplay things, because any site redesign has its share of problems, be it a Fortune 500 brand, or the Mom & Pop around the corner. Just sayin, there’s nothing wrong with a good burger prepared well, ammirite? (LOOK AT ME WITH FOOD METAPHORS!)

It may not be a big deal, but currently, there are several national fast food brands who, while they can obviously afford TV spots, have websites worse than Back Yard had.

Nowadays when people live online, there’s everything wrong with that.

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