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Friday, March 5, 2010

But doesn’t the get a grip thing defeat the whole purpose of finger-licking good?

It’s okay, you know the answer. How are you not in marketing brand speak porn heaven after reading:

“We're always looking for outside-the-bucket campaigns that place KFC at the forefront of marketing trends, and with the new Boneless Filet Box meal we couldn't resist reaching out to professional athletes to help deliver the message that consumers can ‘get a grip’ on a meatier way to eat chicken.”

You can see the “grip” thing with golf clubs, and associating it with “grip” the chicken with our new shorter french fry holder cup thing. Someone though, is losing their just out of the fryolator chicken on the floormat as soon as they make a hard right leaving KFC. Because golf grips = tight. This ain’t that. (I’ve tried chicken nuggets in that paper thing to cool them off, people—fail. Instead, try a napkin wrapped around it while holding outside the window.)

Sure, they wanted to move away from greasy chicken to healthier living, but it’s sad watching finger-licking good die a little more every day. Sad I say. Course, it wouldn’t be me without pointing out that the grip logos will be all but covered up on TV.

The bucket with balls though? Genius!

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