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Thursday, March 4, 2010

McD’s toys with, wait for it... rebranding.

“Yo, imma see you at the M.”

That’s not here yet, but, you could see that ad happening soon enough. Yes, second Golden Arches post in as many days, but this one popped up on the no-rebranding zone radar. Looks like they’re going with *just* a single M in Austria as part of a rebranding effort there. I was never a fan of changing the name of a company to reflect what customers call it casually. (The Hut. The Shack.) If people have a nickname for your brand, fine, but I like having the core name there for people to play off of and call it (whatever they want). Legos aren’t L. Coke ain’t C. Drivers may call a BMW a Beamer, but at then end of the day, it’s still BMW on that marque.

Brands who cave may say they’re just responding to what their customers call it anyway, but I call it letting some of them dictate things a little too much for the rest of us. I hope they don’t do it here. The brand appears to be back in a groove with help from a massive ad blitz and the McCafe vs. Starbucks push. Rebranding like that here, now, throws that off.

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