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Thursday, March 4, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– McDonald’s goes Dutch.
– LGBT + Brands = Green.
– Join the Marmarati.
Riding shotgun with Jet Blue CEO.
– “Giant Gaijin girl in romper walking with music!”
– Internet Explorer 6 funeral.
– BBC Super Internetavention, coming soon to a mothership near you.
– Friskies LSD kitty trip.
Thrust fund *is* catchy, no?
– It *almost* has the charm of Sony’s balls. Almost.
Anti-retro is the new...
– Can you give me a little more... Jason Bateman? Yes!
– Spot the lion.
– New policy: When the pants come down, so does the outdoor.
– Victoria’s Secret has a bra just for you.
– Old people don’t use smart phones. Do they?
– You can always count on Butt Drugs.

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